News Headlines – October 12, 2017

Last Updated on October 11th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois may owe more in unpaid bills than first thought. Blue Cross and OSF are parting ways in a handful of Illinois cities. Illinois’ chiefs of police say they can’t enthusiastically endorse police body cameras because of the costs. The University of Illinois at Springfield wants 40 million-dollars to help open an Abraham Lincoln study center.

>>Illinois Comptroller: Billions In Unpaid Bills Lingering

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois’ backlog of unpaid bills may be bigger than reported. Comptroller Susana Mendoza yesterday said there are billions of dollars worth of invoices languishing in state agencies. That’s on top of the nearly 16 billion-dollars in unpaid bills in Mendoza’s office. The comptroller says the bills that are stuck in state agencies are often for things that Illinois lawmakers didn’t provide enough money to pay for.

>>Blue Cross Dropping Three Illinois Hospitals From PPO Network

(Peoria, IL) — People with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance in Peoria, Rockford, and Galesburg will have to find new hospitals to use. Blue Cross yesterday said it’s dropping the Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, the Saint Anthony Medical Center in Rockford, and the St. Mary Medical Center in Galesburg from its PPO network. Neither OSF, which manages the hospitals, or Blue Cross officials are giving a reason for the change. Blue Cross is adding other hospitals in Pekin and Galesburg, you can get a full list of in-network providers at Blue Cross’ website.

>>Illinois Chiefs Say Cost Still A Concern For Body Cameras

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois’ chiefs of police group says it can’t fully get behind police body cameras because of the way the state’s body cam law is written. More specifically, Ed Wojcicki [[ whoa-jis-ski ]] with the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police yesterday said that until Illinois changes the cost of maintaining the cameras, he can’t enthusiastically endorse the law. Wojcicki says it costs departments thousands of dollars to store body camera video, and thousands more to edit it. Wojcicki says the Association of Chiefs wants lawmakers to tweak the law next year.

>>University Of Illinois At Springfield First To Launch Fundraising Bid

(Springfield, IL) — The University of Illinois at Springfield is the first of the school’s campuses to lay out its fundraising goal. The university as a whole is looking to launch a multi-billion dollar pledge campaign this week. Yesterday, UIS officials said they want to raise 40 million-dollars to build a new Abraham Lincoln study center, as well as pay for what the school is calling investments in ‘academic excellence, facilities, and technology.’

>>Guilty Plea From Former Southern Illinois Shelter Boss

(Harrisburg, IL) — The former head of a southern Illinois domestic violence shelter who stole taxpayer money to buy a TV and a video game system is avoiding prison. Instead, a judge yesterday sentenced Barbara Wingo to two-and-a-half years of probation. Prosecutors say Wingo and her daughter fleeced the Anna Bixby Women’s Center by submitting false grant reports, then using the money on themselves. The two pleaded guilty to taking over 50 thousand-dollars. Wingo’s daughter is due to be sentenced in two weeks.