News Headlines – October 11, 2017

Last Updated on October 10th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Another high profile Illinois Democrat is lining up behind J.B. Pritzker’s bid for governor. After a school shooting, students and parents in Mattoon are trying to speak up about bullying. A southern Illinois hair salon could soon be able to sell drinks to folks waiting for a haircut. The Cubs have questions about that World Series ring that’s found its way to auction.

Bustos Back Pritzker In Democratic Governor’s Race

(Rock Island, IL) — Add the Quad Cities’ Democratic congresswoman to the list of J.B. Pritzker’s backers. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos yesterday tossed her support behind Pritzker’s bid to take on Governor Bruce Rauner next fall. Bustos’ support comes just two days after most of the state’s Democratic county leaders agreed to back Pritzker as well.

Anti-Bullying Message In Mattoon Schools

(Mattoon, IL) — There are a lot more people talking about ending bullying in Mattoon schools this year. School shootings tend to do that. About a dozen people gathered outside of Mattoon High School on Sunday to push the local school board to do more. Parents in the crowd say they’ve seen their kids bullied, and feel that they got little help from the district. Mattoon school leaders have never said why a student pulled a gun and started shooting last month, though they cautioned parents not to believe rumors that bullying was the cause.

Murphysboro Considering Liquor License For Hair Salon

(Murphysboro, IL) — City leaders in Murphysboro are looking at a plan to let a local hair salon sell drinks to people as they wait for a haircut. The city council in the small southern Illinois city will decide the idea tonight. The salon’s owner only wants to be able to sell a drink to his customers as they wait, not to the general public.

Illinois Bicentennial Needs Six Million Dollars

(Springfield, IL) — The planners for Illinois’ 200th birthday say they’re about six million dollars short of being able to throw on heck of a party. Illinois Bicentennial Commission chief Stuart Layne yesterday said they’re anywhere between four and six million-dollars short of their fundraising goals. Layne says it’s been ‘difficult’ to secure large gifts from Illinois’ corporate partners. Illinois’ bicentennial celebration launches this December and will last until December of 2018.

Cubs Question World Series Ring Authenticity

(Chicago, IL) — Maybe that’s not a World Series ring for sale after all. The Chicago Cubs yesterday said they have some questions about the authenticity of the ring that’s up for auction. Lelands’ Auctions is selling what it claims to be an official world champions’ ring from a Cubs scout. But the ball club yesterday said the sale is not authorized by the team, so ‘buyer beware.’ The latest bid last night was over 36 thousand-dollars.