News Headlines – October 10, 2017

Last Updated on October 9th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Illinois lawmakers are hoping to use the Las Vegas shootings to push through new gun control laws. One central Illinois congressman says it’s time to make the tax code easier for all Americans. Erika Harold says she wants to turn the Illinois Attorney General’s office into a public corruption fighter. You may soon be able to buy an official Chicago Cubs World Series Ring.

Illinois Lawmakers Look To New Gun Control Laws

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois lawmakers are looking to use the Las Vegas shootings to try and push new gun control laws in the state. Suburban Democratic state Rep Marty Moylan last week introduced a plan to ban the sale of bump stocks, the accessory that turns semi-automatic rifles into automatic weapons. But his plan would also ban the sale of assault weapons, .50 caliber rifles, and any magazine larger than ten rounds. Another plan from state Rep Kathleen Willis would create a state license for firearms dealers. Both ideas have failed to get enough support in the past.

Congressman LaHood: Trump Tax Plan Simpler, Better For Middle Incomes

(Washington, DC) — One central Illinois congressman says it’s about time the federal government made the nation’s tax code simpler. Republican Congressman Darin LaHood wrote an open letter in “The State Journal Register” yesterday that said President Trump’s tax plan would make things easier for middle class families. LaHood wrote that middle income families would see less of their income taxed, and would see just three tax brackets which would make tax time much simpler.

Congressman John Lewis Wants HUD To Help Out In Cairo

(Washington, DC) — One of the country’s leading civil rights leaders says federal housing authorities should do more to help in Cairo. Georgia Congressman John Lewis last week said he’d like to see HUD do more to rebuild public housing in the far-southern Illinois city. HUD is closing two decrepit housing complexes and relocating 200 families. Lewis, who spent some time in Cairo in 1962, says the government ‘must help.’

Harold Promises To Use Illinois AG Office To Bust Corruption

(Urbana, IL) — Erika Harold is hitting on what’s considered the biggest weakness of Illinois’ current attorney general. Harold says if she wins, she will turn the office into a public corruption fighter. Harold over the weekend said she is running on the Republican ticket to add some teeth to the state’s response to public corruption. Republicans, and some Democrats, have long criticized current Attorney General Lisa Madigan for not doing enough to clean up state or local government in Illinois.

Authentic Cubs World Series Ring For Sale

(Chicago, IL) — You may soon be able to buy a piece of Cubs World Series lore. An authentic World Series Champion ring, from a scout, is up for sale at Leland’s Auctions. The auction house says the first bid is 19 hundred eight dollars, a nod to 1908 when the Cubs last won it all. But there’s a catch. The team sent everyone who got a championship ring a note that said the team had the first crack at buying the rings for just one dollar. The Cubs won the World Series a little bit more than a year ago.