News Headlines – October 6, 2017

Last Updated on October 5th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: The DCFS worker attacked in northern Illinois last week is still in a coma. Democratic candidate for governor Chris Kennedy says it’s ‘dangerous’ to embrace legal marijuana. Chicago aldermen are reportedly looking at Uber and Lyft fees to help balance their budget. A former local southern Illinois official is looking at federal embezzlement and wire fraud charges.

DCFS Worker In Coma After Attack

(Rockford, IL) — The latest update on the DCFS worker attacked in northern Illinois last week isn’t great news. DCFS officials say the case worker is still in a coma, even after two surgeries at a Rockford hospital. The man who allegedly attacked her, 25-year-old Andrew Sucher, is in jail in Carroll County. DCFS officials say the worker was looking to make sure Sucher wasn’t again near a two-year-old child that had been taken from his custody when she was attacked. Police say Sucher kicked her in the head until one of his relatives jumped on top of her to protect the case worker.

Chris Kennedy Says Legal Marijuana Has Dangers

(DeKalb, IL) — One of the Democrats running for Illinois governor says it’s dangerous to legalize marijuana just because Illinois is broke. Chris Kennedy told a crowd at Northern Illinois University on Tuesday night that he thinks it’s dangerous to embrace a ‘public health hazard’ just because Illinois wants more revenue. Kennedy is one of a handful of Democrats who aren’t ready to endorse legal, recreational marijuana in the state.

Chicago May Hike Uber, Left Fee To Balance Budget

(Chicago, IL) — The next time you catch an Uber or Lyft in Chicago, you could be helping to balance the city’s budget. Aldermen yesterday said they’d like to increase the city’s ride sharing fee as a way to raise money for the city. Right now, Chicago charges 52 cents per ride, but aldermen want to see that jump to one dollar. There’s also talk of a five dollar pick up fee if a ride share driver pick up passengers at McCormick Place, Navy Pier, or the city’s two airports.

New Owner, New Plan For Former Rock Falls Factory

(Rock Falls, IL) — There will once again be people coming and going from the former Black and Decker plant in Rock Falls. But they won’t be making things. Whiteside County Economic Development Director Gary Camarano yesterday said a new owner bought the old factory with plans to turn it into a distribution center. No one is saying how many new jobs will come with the new center.

Wire Fraud, Embezzlement Charges For Former Zeigler Treasurer

(Zeigler, IL) — Federal prosecutors say the former treasurer in a small southern Illinois town stole 300 thousand-dollars by using white out and a copy machine. A federal grand jury indicted former Zeigler treasurer Ryan Thorpe on embezzlement and wire fraud charges on Tuesday. Prosecutors say Thorpe wrote checks to himself from the city’s account, then used white out to blank-out his name, added the name of a city vendor, copied the check, then passed the copy off as the official entry into the city’s financial statements. Thorpe is looking at 40 years in prison. Zeigler’s mayor says he is shocked and saddened by the indictment.