News Headlines – October 5, 2017

Last Updated on October 4th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Federal prosecutors now want to try the man suspected of kidnapping a Chinese scholar for her death. Students will be back at Metamora High School after the all clear was given yesterday. Illinois politicos are waiting to see what the Supreme Court case on political maps will mean for Illinois. State Farm says Illinois isn’t among the top ten deer crash states.

New Indictment: Man Charged With Kidnapping And Death Of Scholar

(Urbana, IL) — It’s not murder charges, but a central Illinois man is facing charges for the death of a Chinese scholar at the U of I. Federal prosecutors filed new charges yesterday against Brendt Christensen in the kidnapping of Yingying Zhang. Christensen is now charged with ‘kidnapping resulting in death.’ FBI agents say the believe Zhang is dead after Christensen snatched her back in June, but they have not found her body. Christensen was previously only charged with kidnapping.

All Clear At Metamora High School

(Metamora, IL) — Students will be back in class, like usual, at Metamora High School. The school canceled classes yesterday after a ‘credible threat.’ The Woodford County Sheriff’s office on Monday said it has three ‘people of interest,’ but wouldn’t say yesterday if any of those people have been arrested. Metanora school officials sent a note to parents last night, updating them on the situation.

Illinois Politicos Waiting On Impact From Supreme Court Maps Case

(Washington, D.C.) — Political leaders in Springfield say it’s too early to guess what may happen to Illinois’ political map if the Supreme Court changes the rules. The high court listened to oral arguments in a Wisconsin case yesterday. The issue is the politics of how political maps are drawn. Illinois politicos say even if the court rules against Wisconsin, Illinois’ map making process could still stand.

Police Put Out APB On Dixon Man In Home Invasion Case

(Dixon, IL) — Police officers across Illinois are looking for a Dixon man who police fear is out for revenge. The Lee County Sheriff’s office yesterday said that Lowell Ambler stole a car in Mendota late Monday night, and drove to Plainfield near where the victim of Ambler’s last crime lives. Ambler was out of jail on a home invasion and aggravated battery charge. Police say he should be considered armed and very dangerous.

Illinois Not Among Top Deer Crash States

(Bloomington, IL) — Illinois isn’t among the top ten deer crash states. State Farm Insurance released its annual list of the places where drivers are most likely to hit a deer. West Virginia is one again at the top of the list. Iowa and Wisconsin round out the top five. State Farm says deer vs car crashes cost more this year that last. And one last thing, insurers say it’s better to hit the deer than swerve and risk hitting a tree or rolling your car.