News Headlines – September 14, 2017

Last Updated on September 13th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Cook County’s Toni Preckwinkle says she has work to do to save her soda tax. Illinois is seeing more and more gambling money from video gaming machines. Peoria is close to raising taxes to pay for a new hot dog restaurant. The central Illinois deputy charged with the attempted murder of his wife is not being paid while in jail.

Cook County President Acknowledges Work To Save Soda Tax

(Chicago, IL) — Cook County’s board president says she has some work to do to save her soda tax. Toni Preckwinkle yesterday admitted that she’ll have to convince county leaders to stick with the incredibly unpopular penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened drinks. A new poll shows almost 90-percent of Cook County voters don’t like the tax. A vote to roll the tax back could come next month.

Illinois Riverboats Just Barely Ahead Of Video Gaming Machines

(Springfield, IL) — The state of Illinois is almost making as much money from the new video gaming machines as from the state’s riverboat casinos. A legislative commission yesterday released the latest gambling figures. The numbers show that more and more people continue to play more and more video gaming machines. The state saw one-point-two billion dollars in taxes from video gaming last year. That’s just under the one-point-four billion that Illinois’ riverboat casinos generated. The report says while more people are playing the video machines, attendance at the state’s casinos continues to slide.

Peoria Council Takes Steps To Raise Taxes For Portillo’s

(Peoria, IL) — City leaders in Peoria are taking steps to raise taxes to pay for a new hot dog restaurant. The Peoria City Council last night okayed hearings, set for November, to approve a special one-percent sales tax increase to pay for a new Portillo’s to be built on the city’s west side. If city leaders okay the tax increase, shoppers in Peoria would pay between 10 and 11 cents on the dollar in sales taxes.

Former McLean County Board Boss Gets Prison Time

(Chicago, IL) — The former head of McLean County government is heading to prison for a year for work he didn’t do in the private sector. Matt Sorensen apologized yesterday, just before a judge sentenced him to a year and a day in federal prison. Sorensen pleaded guilty in November to scamming a consulting firm out of almost a half-million-dollars in work that he never performed for State Farm.

Macon County Deputy Suspended Amid Attempted Murder Case

(Decatur, IL) — A central Illinois deputy will not collect a paycheck while he sits in a jail cell on attempted murder charges. Macon County Sheriff Thomas Schneider yesterday said that Deputy Markes Rodgers is on unpaid leave as prosecutors push attempted murder charges against him. Investigators in Christian County say Rodgers fired several shots at his wife after a fight over the weekend. Rodgers then barricaded himself in his house for nine hours. Rodgers has been with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office for more than ten years.