News Headlines – September 8, 2017

Last Updated on September 7th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: State Farm is giving a half-million dollars to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. Democratic candidate Dan Biss is looking for a new running mate after a campaign disagreement. Authorities in western Illinois say a dead man likely is the killer in a cold case murder. Illinois’ Opioid Task Force sets an ambitious goal.

State Farm Announces 500 Thousand Dollar Red Cross Donation

(Bloomington, IL) — State Farm is reaching into its pocket to help folks in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The Bloomington-based insurance giant announced a half-million dollar gift to the American Red Cross yesterday. Spokeswoman Missy Dundov said the money is in addition to the one million-dollars that State Farm gives to the Red Cross each year.

Biss Drops Running Mate Over Israel Policy

(Chicago, IL) — Democratic candidate for Governor Dan Biss is looking for a new running mate after a disagreement over Israel. Biss yesterday dropped his first choice for lieutenant governor, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, because Ramirez-Rosa wants to boycott Israel. Biss, whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, said he and Ramirez-Rosa couldn’t agree on a policy, so Biss is moving on. A number of progressive groups in Chicago are angry at Biss for dropping Ramirez-Rosa.

Dead Man Named ‘Likely Killer’ In 1974 Western Illinois Murder

(Atkinson, IL) — Friends and family members of Mary Ann Becker finally have some closure. The Illinois State Police and prosecutors in Henry County yesterday named Robert Clark as the man who likely killed her, back in 1974. State Police investigators reopened Becker’s case in 2013, they didn’t find any new DNA evidence, but found holes in Clark’s original alibi. Troopers say Clark lived across the street from Becker, and likely strangled her to death in her living room. Clark died in 2015.

Mom Charged For Lying About Son’s Injuries Online

(Normal, IL) — A central Illinois mom is facing charges after police say she took to Facebook and lied about her son’s injuries. McLean County prosecutors filed charges yesterday against Tricia Danyus for filing a false report with Normal police and obstruction of justice. Police say Danyus smacked her one-year-old son on the bottom and left a mark, but took to Facebook to blame her son’s day care center. The day care center’s owner said people were furious with her, even though she did nothing wrong. McLean County State’s Attorney Jason Chambers said he’s not going to tolerate false reports of crimes that implicate someone who is innocent.

Illinois’ Opioid Goal: Cut Overdose Deaths By A Third

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois’ Opioid Task Force wants to cut the number of overdose deaths in the state by a third in three years. Lieutenant Governor Evenlyn Sanguinetti yesterday said it’s an ambitious goal. The state’s plan to cut the number of people who die from a drug overdose focuses on prevention, access to care, and getting a handle on the over-prescription of opioid pain pills that can lead to an addiction problem. The Task Force didn’t answer questions about whether some of Illinois’ drug treatment facilities will be able to carry out the mission, given the state’s recent budget crisis.