News Headlines – August 8, 2017

Last Updated on August 7th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

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(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Chicago is about to become the first city in the country to sue over President Trump’s immigration rules. A suburban Chicago man is looking at a five million-dollar bond for last week’s murder of his wife and daughter. ISU’s president has a new contract that could pay him over 400 thousand-dollars a year. School leaders in Morton are looking to see if boosters can sell ads along the fence at their high school football field.

Chicago To Sue Over Trump Immigration Rules

(Chicago, IL) — Chicago is about to become the first city in the country to sue over President Trump’s immigration rules. Mayor Rahm Emanuel yesterday said his lawyers will file a lawsuit today that challenges the president’s proposal to only send federal money to cities that follow federal immigration laws. It’s part of the president’s crack down on sanctuary cities. Emanuel says he doesn’t want to see Chicago police officers used as pawns and says he won’t sit by and allow “our residents have their fundamental rights isolated and violated.”

Five Million-Dollars Bond In McHenry County Murder

(Woodstock, IL) — A suburban Chicago man is being held on five million-dollars bond for the murder of his wife and daughter. Ryan Yarber is due back in court in Woodstock tomorrow morning for another hearing. Police say Yarber shot and killed his wife and 15-year-old daughter last week. If convicted, Yarber could spend the rest of his life in prison.

New Contract, Pay Raise For Illinois State University President

(Normal, IL) — Illinois State University’s president could make 425 thousand-dollars a year under his new contract. University trustees on Saturday agreed to a new contract for President Larry Dietz. The new deal gives Dietz a base salary of 375 thousand-dollars a year, but also offers performance incentives that could add another 50 thousand-dollars a year to the contract. ISU Trustee Rocky Donahue says Dietz has proven to be the right leader for the school, and thinks the new contract reflects that.

Tammy Duckworth Wants Mississippi Lock Improvements, Silent On Budget

(Moline, IL) — Illinois’ junior U.S. Senator agrees with local farmers and the state’s farm organizations that the Mississippi River needs an upgrade. But Senator Tammy Duckworth isn’t saying where the money for updated locks and dams will come from. Duckworth took a tour of the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities last Friday to see the needs for herself. Duckworth said investing in the river will “secure” an agriculture supply chain for years to come.

Morton Schools To Decide On Ads At High School Football Field

(Morton, IL) — The next time you see a Morton Potters football game you could also see an ad for the local car dealer or pizza shop. School leaders at the central Illinois district could decide next week whether the Morton High School Gridiron Club can sell up to 12 ads to go along the fence at Morton’s new football stadium. Superintendent Jeff Hill says the school board needs to answer a few questions, like who gets the money and can the school say ‘No’ to a business, before they’ll make a decision.