News Headlines – August 7, 2017

Last Updated on August 7th, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

The Latest

(Undated) — Here’s the latest news: Local school leaders say they’re still hopeful that lawmakers and Governor Rauner can come to terms on a school funding plan. Folks in Cairo are getting ready for Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson to visit tomorrow. We may not know for a while if anyone in Decatur is in-line for a 100 thousand-dollar reward in three local murders. Jay Cutler is getting another shot, this time with the Miami Dolphins.

Local Superintendents Frustrated, Still Hopeful

(Rock Island, IL) — Local superintendents in the Quad Cities sound like school leaders across most of the rest of the state. They are frustrated that they are heading into a new school year without a plan to pay for schools. But they are hopeful that lawmakers and Governor Rauner can agree on something soon. Rock Island-Milan Superintendent Michael Oberhaus said last week that he hopes the legislature and the governor can come to terms before schools have to make the decision whether to stay open or to close their doors.

HUD Secretary Carson To Visit Cairo Tomorrow

(Cairo, IL) — Folks in Cairo are getting ready to meet the man who could move hundreds of them out of town. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is due to visit the small city at the southern tip of the state tomorrow. The visit comes as HUD is closing two decrepit housing complexes and moving many of the families out of Cairo.

Macon County Hopes 100 Thousand-Dollar Reward Solves Old Murders

(Decatur, IL) — It may be a while before we know if anyone took-up the Macon County Sheriff’s offer. Investigators in Decatur offered a 100 thousand-dollar reward to anyone who provided tips that lead to an arrest in one of three, year-old murders. The offer ended last night. Detectives are looking for answers about the deaths of Sherry Lewis, Caleb Witty, and Timothy Norris. All died in unrelated murders last August.

August 4th Now Barack Obama Day

(Chicago, IL) — You have plenty of time to plan for Barack Obama Day 2018. Governor Bruce Rauner on Friday signed a new law that designates President Obama’s birthday, August 4th, as a state holiday. Barack Obama Day won’t be an official state holiday, so no one will get the day off work and kids won’t miss school. Lawmakers in Springfield overwhelmingly approved the idea of an Obama holiday back in the spring.

Jay Cutler Gets New QB Job

(Miami, FL) — Chicago Bears fans will have something in common with Miami Dolphin fans this year: They both want to see what Jay Cutler has left. The former Bears quarterback yesterday signed a one-year, ten million-dollar contract to play in Miami this season. Cutler could make another three million in incentives if he does well for his new team.