News Headlines – August 3, 2017

Last Updated on August 3rd, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

Here’s the latest news:

Fitch Warns Illinois School Money Woes May Threaten Schools Credit

(Chicago, IL) — Wall Street investors are once again warning the state of Illinois about a possible credit downgrade. Fitch Ratings yesterday said the delay in agreeing how to pay for Illinois’ schools likely won’t hurt the state’s credit, but a lack of funds could hurt the credit of some local school districts. Fitch said Chicago Public Schools could be badly hurt and lose some of its ability to borrow money. Chicago Schools have relied heavily over the past few years on short term loans to stay afloat.

Illinois Attorney General Joins Winnebago Judge In Lawsuit

(Rockford, IL) — Illinois’ Attorney General is joining Winnebago County’s chief judge in suing his county board. Chief Judge Joe McGraw is suing to get the county to spend money on four new juvenile detention guards, a bailiff, and some law books. McGraw said the county has the money to spend, but county board members are simply refusing to spend it. The Attorney General’s office filed the paperwork to join the suit yesterday, and Lisa Madigan’s office will represent McGraw.

Southern Illinois’ Congressman Wants Marion VA Reviewed

(Marion, IL) — Southern Illinois Congressman Mike Bost is asking for review at the VA Clinic in Marion to see if veterans are getting the care they deserve. Bost asked for the probe earlier this week after hearing complaints that morale at the clinic is low and that upper level managers are mismanaging the facility. This is not the first time Marion’s VA clinic has come under scrutiny. VA managers looked at the clinic for poor morale and a lack of care back in 2014 as well.

Korean War Museum In Springfield Closes Doors

(Springfield, IL) — The Korean War museum in Springfield’s difficult run is over. Museum visitors found a note taped to the door this week that said the museum on Springfield’s Old State Capitol Square is closed. The tiny museum never attracted the crowds that planners had hoped. “The State Journal Register” reported yesterday that financial records show the museum brought in almost eight million dollars between 2010 and 2015, but managed to lose more than a half-million-dollars. The Illinois Attorney General’s Office says they will be contacting museum officials to try and track down the museum’s exhibits.

Fight Leads To Meth Lab Bust In McDonough County

(Bushnell, IL) — It’s never a good idea to fight in public, and it’s a terrible idea to fight in public while you’re planning to cook meth. Authorities in McDonough County say a couple learned that lesson the hard way last week. Officers in Bushnell say Ezra Cook and William Hyde got into an argument at the city library, when officers intervened, they noticed Hyde had a warrant out for his arrest and they found that Cook had meth ingredients in her bag. Police arrested them both, and they’re now facing a series of drug charges.