News Headlines – August 2, 2017

Last Updated on August 2nd, 2017

Written by Paul Bomleny

Here’s the latest news:

The top Democrat at the Illinois Capitol says Governor Rauner is choosing to create a crisis in the state’s schools. Democrat JB Pritzker says his plan for health care reform will be to allow people to buy into Medicaid in Illinois. Lawyers for Aaron Schock say federal investigators are obsessed with their client’s sexuality. Galesburg’s proposed rules for gun shops are on hold for now.

Speaker Madigan: Governor Is ‘Choosing Crisis’ In Illinois Schools

(Springfield, IL) — The top Democrat at the Illinois Capitol says Governor Bruce Rauner is choosing a crisis. House Speaker Mike Madigan yesterday said the governor is choosing to threaten the start of schools in the state. Governor Rauner changed the Democratic plan to pay for schools yesterday, but he sent it back to lawmakers. Democrats in the Illinois Senate have enough votes to override the governor, but Madigan does not.

JB Pritzker Pitches Medicaid Buy In

(Chicago, IL) — Democratic candidate for governor JB Pritzker’s fix for health care reform in Illinois is a plan to let you ‘buy in’ to Medicaid. Pritzker yesterday unveiled his plan that would allow middle class families to pay for the same care currently going to elderly folks and low income families. Pritzker said Medicaid is less expensive than private insurance and would give people yet another health care choice.

Schock Lawyers Accuse Feds Of Obsession With His Sexuality

(Urbana, IL) — The latest plea from Aaron Schock’s lawyers to get the case against the former Congressman dropped centers on his sexuality. More specifically, Schock’s lawyers say the federal government is obsessed with whether Schock is gay. His lawyers point out that investigators asked several witnesses in the case who Schock was sleeping with. Federal prosecutors say Schock lied on campaign and government expense reports to hide that he was living large on other people’s money.

Rock Island Police Hit The Streets With Body Cameras

(Rock Island, IL) — Add Rock Island to the list of cities in Illinois with police body cameras. Rock Island’s police department bought the cameras late last year, but started requiring officers wear them this week. The cameras won’t record everything, they will automatically start when officers turn on their sirens or Tasers. Rock Island commanders say the cameras will help make incidents involving officers more clear.

Proposed Galesburg Gun Ordinance On Hold

(Galesburg, IL) — City leaders in Galesburg say it could be next year before they decide if there’s a need for new rules for gun shops. The city council on Monday hesitated on a proposed ordinance that would essentially give Galesburg’s city manager veto power over a gun shop’s license. Supporters say the rules are needed to make sure gun shops are as safe as they can be. Galesburg Mayor John Pritchard says he’d like to see the city’s police chief look into the need for the new rules and report back to the council.