Illinois Briefs – 8/7/14

Last Updated on August 7th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

Quinn, Rauner Still Sparring Over Cayman Investments

(Chicago, IL) — Governor Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner are still sparring over whether it’s okay to invest money in the Cayman Islands. Quinn’s campaign released an animated video yesterday explaining how Rauner’s investments in the off-shore accounts hurt job growth in Illinois. The Quinn campaign says Rauner is trying to hide his money but Rauner says Quinn isn’t talking about his own dependence on financial gains in the Caymans. He says the state’s retirement systems invest there, which means Quinn’s own pension is tied to the offshore accounts.

State Police To Help Fight Crime In Chicago

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois State Police troopers are teaming up with police in Chicago to help fight crime. Forty troopers are being sent into the city to help patrol the streets in four neighborhoods. They’ll focus on arresting people with violent criminal histories and outstanding arrest warrants. State Police troopers were also asked to help patrol the streets of East St. Louis earlier this year.

Tips To Stay Healthy At Fairs

(Springfield, IL) — The Illinois State Fair kicks off tonight. State officials say anyone who’s heading to Springfield should remember to keep a few health tips in mind while they’re out. First, drink plenty of water and stay away from too many sugary drinks that can cause dehydration. Also, be sure to wear sunscreen and insect repellent with DEET. And always wash your hands with warm soapy water or hand sanitizer before eating any food.

I-Cash Returns $16-Million In July

(Springfield, IL) — The state dished out more than 16-million-dollars last month, returning money to people who’ve left it sitting in inactive bank accounts or left a job without getting their last check. It’s part of the I-Cash program which is holding on to more than two-billion-dollars worth of cash and other items, like war medals and antique jewelry. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford heads the program and he says they’re on target to return more money in 2014 than any other year in history. So far this year they’ve turned over more than 87-million dollars to its rightful owners. To see if you have money sitting in the I-Cash account, check out

Tribute Concert To Honor Fallen Firefighter

(Normal, IL) — A fallen firefighter from Hudson, Illinois is being remembered in a tribute concert. “Brushville” will headline the show in honor of Chris Brown on September 20th. Brown was responding to an accident on I-39 last March when a semi slammed into his emergency vehicle. The memorial concert is being held at the Corn Crib in Normal. A portion of each ticket sale will go to support the families of firefighters lost in the line of duty.