Illinois Briefs – 8/6/14

Last Updated on August 6th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

Quinn, Rauner Spar Over Money, Taxes

(Chicago, IL) — Governor Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner are having a war of words over money, taxes, and who is and isn’t patriotic enough. Quinn is blasting Rauner for making investments in the Cayman Islands, which he says is a haven for people who want to avoid paying taxes. He says it’s unpatriotic for Rauner to have his money in the off-shore accounts but Rauner’s camp fired back, claiming Quinn needs to take a look at how many veterans are unemployed under his failed policies. They’re also shooting down Quinn’s claims that Rauner’s trying to get out of paying taxes.

Voters Can’t Run From Heated Gubernatorial Race

(Springfield, IL) — This year’s governor’s race is expected to be the most expensive in Illinois history and according to Political Science Professor Kent Redfield, voters won’t be able to run from either of the campaigns. He says Governor Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner’s teams will eventually start canvassing neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and sending out robo-calls to get their messages out. Negative ads are also expected to hit television and radio airwaves soon, especially once outside groups jump into the race. The election is less than three months away.

State Police Confiscate Dozens Of Illegal Guns

(Tinley Park, IL) — Illinois State Police say they’ve busted two men who were selling illegal guns and ammo out of a home in Tinley Park. Thomas Burke and Daryl Mrkvicka were taken into custody without incident last Friday. Police confiscated 36 guns when they raided Mrkvicka’s home. They say the bust is a win against the fight on straw purchases and it’ll help reduce gun violence in nearby communities. Both suspects are being held at the Will County Jail.

Rare Eel Caught In Orland Park Lake

(Orland Park, IL) — A rare American eel is swimming around in Illinois lake waters. A fisherman recently caught the two-and-a-half-foot-long eel in Tampier Lake in Orland Park. It weighed between four-and-five pounds and is only the third eel that’s been captured in the forest preserve waters in 30 years. Officials say it might have traveled some 37-hundred miles to make it this far inland, possibly coming in from the Gulf of Mexico or Canada’s Hudson Bay. The fisherman didn’t keep his catch, the eel was tossed back into the lake.

Rare Lincoln Handwriting In Central Illinois Book

(Clinton, IL) — A small town library is home to a major piece of history. State historians say President Abe Lincoln’s signature is inside the front cover of a book at the Vespasian Warner Library in Clinton. The 700-page book called “Types of Mankind” was published in 1854 and it outlines a theory on why slavery was justified as a part of the natural order. Experts say Lincoln rejected that argument and might have read the book to educate himself on his opponent’s case.