Illinois Briefs – 8/4/14

Last Updated on August 4th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

Rauner Accused Of Hiding Money To Avoid Taxes

(Chicago, IL) — Bruce Rauner is being accused of trying to skip out on paying taxes by hiding his riches off-shore. Reports indicate the GOP candidate for governor channeled some of his money through the Cayman Islands. The money is connected to three of Rauner’s holdings in the private equity firm that he helped start. He says the money had nothing to do with his personal tax rate and at this point, he hasn’t been charged with any wrongdoing.

Law Boosts Fines For Animal Abuse

(Chicago, IL) — Mistreating or abusing an animal now comes with a hefty fine. Governor Quinn signed a law that ups the fines from 200-to-500-bucks the first time someone is busted for hurting a pet. A second offense comes with one-thousand-dollar fine and anyone busted three times will be out 25-hundred-bucks. The idea is to crack down on puppy mills, which are often considered inhumane dog breeding facilities. Several third grade students from Arlington Heights pushed for the law.

Laws Aimed At Protecting Water Supply

(Chicago, IL) — A new set of laws is designed to help protect the state’s water supply. One law lets police collect unused pharmaceutical drugs and other controlled substances so people don’t flush them down the toilet. That apparently can damage the water supply. Another law creates a working group to come up with ways to keep flooding at bay in urban areas. And the last bill requires local water supply systems to appoint an operator who’s responsible for the system’s supply and distribution.

Man Allegedly Tries To Murder Roommate Over Cookies

(Decatur, IL) — A disagreement over a few cookies has landed one central Illinois man behind bars. Decatur Police say 23-year-old Allen Hall tried to strangle his roommate to death after she ate three of his Chips Ahoy cookies. The woman says Hall threatened to kill her but she thought he was just joking. He allegedly tried to make good on the promise while she was in the bathtub last Wednesday. Hall is charged with attempted murder and is being held in the Macon County Jail on 75-thousand-dollars bond.

Seventy Acres Donated To Girl Scouts

(Litchfield, IL) — The Girl Scouts of Central Illinois group is getting a new home. The owners of the Honey Bend Campground and Resort have given them 70-acres of land in Litchfield. The group is expected to take ownership of the property by the end of September. They should start hosting programs on the grounds sometime this fall.