Illinois Briefs – 7/29/14

Last Updated on July 29th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

Ryan Questions Whether Quinn Is Headed To Prison

(Chicago, IL) — Former Governor George Ryan says he wouldn’t be surprised if Pat Quinn becomes the third consecutive Illinois governor who ends up behind bars. Ryan spoke exclusively to ABC-TV in Chicago yesterday. He says he hopes Quinn isn’t convicted but the fact of the matter is he’s under investigation for possibly using 55-million dollars in taxpayer money as a slush fund to woo voters back in 2010. Ryan spent five years behind bars and says he wouldn’t wish that on his worst enemy. He also says Rod Blagojevich’s 14-year-sentence on corruption charges is too harsh.

More Than 130 Accidents In I-55 Work Zone

(Springfield, IL) — There have been more than 130 accidents in the I-55 construction zone near Channahon in the past year-and-a-half. IDOT reports seven people have been killed in the work zone, even though it has some of the most advanced safety measures in place. They include reduced and extended work zone speed limits, signs alerting drivers of upcoming construction, and rumble strips were put down last week after five people were killed. Drivers have an option to take a detour off I-80 and Illinois 47 to avoid the area. Work is tentatively set to wrap up in August.

NIU Alumni Creates Safety Device

(DeKalb, IL) — Three former roommates at NIU are making a buzz for creating a new safety device. It’s a small, wireless handheld remote that sends an alert to police when someone is in trouble. That alert includes the person’s exact location and records all video and audio of what’s going on. The trio created the device in response to the growing number of violent attacks at colleges and universities, but they say anyone can use it, not just students. Check out for more details.

New Campaign Promotes Products By Veteran Farmers

(Springfield, IL) — Illinois farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who’ve served in the military are getting a boost to help promote their Ag products. The state is unveiling a new logo today that lets people know which of the products they see in stores were grown right here in Illinois, by a farmer who served his or her country. The state also wants to recruit more veterans to become farmers. The Homegrown by Heroes program will offer them the training and informational resources they’ll need to get started.

Herrin School Protects Students From Lightning Strikes

(Herrin, IL) — School officials in Herrin are being proactive when it comes to protecting kids from lightning strikes. They’ve installed a new detection system from WeatherBug near the football field so they know when danger is on the way. The system will sound a horn when lightning is within a ten-mile radius of the school and it’ll also sound-off when the threat has cleared. Schools are required to suspend outdoor sporting events when lightning is on the horizon.