Illinois Briefs – 7/22/14

Last Updated on July 22nd, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

Rauner Open To Higher Income Tax Rate

(Chicago, IL) — There’s talk that Bruce Rauner is open to keeping a higher income tax rate in place. The GOP candidate for governor has been campaigning on the idea of rolling the rate back from five-percent to three-percent, but he admits that can’t happen overnight. He’d like to see a four-year-phase out of the higher rate but he says he’d have to work out the details and yearly rates with members of the General Assembly. That means lawmakers will likely be taking a vote to keep a higher rate in place after the November election, regardless of who wins the race.

State Can Close Developmental Center

(Centralia, IL) — People with developmental disabilities in southern Illinois could soon be forced out of their homes. A federal judge has ruled the state can shut down the Murray Developmental Center in Centralia. Governor Quinn has been trying to get the facility closed for several years, claiming it’ll save millions if the residents were moved into group homes. But the parents and guardians of the residents have put up a strong fight. They say their loved ones would die outside of the institution setting because their disabilities are extremely severe.

Concealed Carry Applications Back To Review Board

(Chicago, IL) — More than 200-people are suing the state since they were denied the right to carry a gun in public. Now, Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to give their applications a second look, just to make sure the rejections are valid. She’s asking a Cook County Judge to send the applications back to a special review board. If the applications are denied again, the person will receive a letter explaining why they were rejected.

Accused Murderer Asks For New Judge

(Rockford, IL) — An Illinois man accused of killing two people wants a new judge on his case. Terence Doddy and his attorneys filed the motion yesterday but at this point, it’s not clear why they don’t like the judge. Doddy is facing 11 counts of murder after allegedly killed his co-worker at a Rockford call center last month, he then allegedly drove to a rest stop in Paw Paw, where he beat a woman to death and stole her car. Doddy was captured in Wisconsin a few days later and extradited back to Winnebago County.

Alleged Drunk Man Wanted Cops To Kill Him

(Bloomington, IL) — A Bloomington man is locked up after a scheme to try and get police to kill him. Joseph Pendergast called 9-1-1 over the weekend and told the dispatcher he had hostages at his home and planned to kill them. Cops rushed out to the house and made contact with Pendergast, who demanded a bottle of wine. Officers determined Pendergast was drunk once they entered the home. He apparently told them he didn’t have the courage to kill himself so he wanted them to “do the dirty work.”