Illinois Briefs – 7/21/14

Last Updated on July 21st, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

Ex-Cons Get Second Shot At Finding Work

(Springfield, IL) — State officials are going to bat for people with criminal records. Governor Quinn signed a law yesterday that bans companies from running background checks on applicants until they’ve been deemed qualified for the job and have been selected for an interview. Those who support the deal say too many people were being turned away from work, even though they’d paid their debts to society. Quinn says the law will help people get a fair shot at reaching their potential, plus it’ll help keep people from turning to the streets to earn a living.

Kids Can Use Medical Marijuana

(Springfield, IL) — Kids who suffer from seizures, cancer, MS, and other debilitating diseases are going to get a bit of relief come January. A new law allows doctors to prescribe non-smokable forms of marijuana to people under 18 to help control their pain and reduce the numbers of seizures they have each day. Parents from all across the state pushed for the law and said they’d move to Colorado to get help for their sick kids if lawmakers didn’t act. They say traditional medications weren’t working and were often making their kids’ conditions worse.

One Dead In Strip Club Shooting

(Washington Park, IL) — A teenager is dead after a shooting outside a Metro-East strip club. Eighteen-year-old DeLarren Patterson was gunned down early yesterday morning as he left the Main Street club, in Washington Park. Two others were injured in the shooting. Police have no suspects.

Benton Fishing Team Wins Second Place At Nationals

(Benton, IL) — A couple high school students from Benton, Illinois are getting national recognition for their ability to reel ’em in. Dailus Richardson and Trevor McKinney finished second place in the Bassmaster high school national competition last Friday. The anglers pulled in six-pounds-five-ounces of fish but missed the top prize by just seven-ounces. Richardson and McKinney won a combined five-grand for their stellar performance, but they say they’re hoping to win it all before they graduate. They have two more years to shoot for their goal; they’ll both be juniors this fall.

Woman Arrested After Posting Selfie on Social Media

(West Frankfort, IL) — It’s become quite a fad to snap a picture of yourself and post it onto social media sites, but one selfie landed a West Frankfort woman in the slammer. Danielle Saxton was apparently wearing a stolen dress in the snapshot that she posted on Facebook earlier this month. Someone saw the picture and turned Saxton in just hours after the owner of Mortie’s Boutique posted a shot of the dress and said someone had taken it. Police tracked Saxton down and took her in for retail theft, and on an outstanding drug warrant.