Illinois Briefs – 7/18/14

Last Updated on July 18th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

No Term Limits On November Ballot

(Chicago, IL) — Voters may not be weighing in on whether lawmakers should serve two terms then call it quits. The state’s Supreme Court says it will not expedite a direct appeal of the term limits proposal. A Cook County judge ruled the measure was unconstitutional last month and decided it could not go before voters. GOP candidate for governor Bruce Rauner asked the Supreme Court to weigh in before August 22nd, when the state board of elections finalizes the ballots. The justices denied the request.

Rauner Calls For Rolling Back Tax Rates

(Chicago, IL) — Bruce Rauner says overhauling the state’s tax structure is a key factor in getting Illinois’ finances back on track. The GOP candidate for Governor wants to roll the personal income tax rates back to three-percent, where they were three years ago. He’ll offset the lower income tax rates by taxing services like mini-storage, sewage and advertising. Rauner’s plan also calls for a freeze on property taxes and phasing the minimum wage up to ten-bucks-an-hour hike.

Critics Slam Rauner Jobs Growth Plan

(Springfield, IL) — GOP candidate for governor Bruce Rauner is unveiling a budget plan that he claims will bring Illinois back from a fiscal crisis. His plan includes rolling back the income tax rates while taxing trailer parks, mini-storage, printing, and more than two-dozen other services. Not surprisingly, Governor Quinn’s team says the plan puts a burden on hard working, middle class families.

Reminder: Don’t Leave Kids In Hot Cars

(Alton, IL) — Experts are reminding parents that it can be extremely dangerous to leave kids in a locked car, even on an overcast day. They say the glass in your vehicle acts as a greenhouse, warming temperatures in just a matter of minutes. That could lead to serious health problems like heat stroke, seizures, loss of consciousness, and even death. Experts say if you notice a child locked in a hot car, call 9-1-1 and stay there until help arrives.

State Police, Friends Of Cops, Bike Across Illinois

(Alton, IL) — Illinois State Police are biking across the state today. More than 50-cyclists took off from Alton yesterday morning, headed to Chicago on a 325-mile trek. They’ll make stops in Bloomington and Romeoville before they get to their final destination on Sunday. The group is raising money to help support the families of those who’ve died in the line of duty.