Illinois Briefs – 7/15/14

Last Updated on July 15th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

Emergency Rules For Concealed Carry

(Springfield, IL) — State officials are making emergency changes to the concealed carry permitting process. They’re being more transparent with people who don’t get approved to carry a gun in public. New rules require the Concealed Carry License Review Board to let applicants know why they didn’t get approved and which law enforcement agency objected to their requests to carry. The applicant then has 10 days to provide the board with evidence that proves he or she is eligible to carry.

NRI Probe Will Continue Tomorrow

(Chicago, IL) — Top officials from Governor Quinn’s anti-violence program are slated to testify before a legislative audit commission tomorrow. Seven people have been subpoenaed, including the head of the program, Barb Shaw. Lawmakers are trying to find out what went wrong with the program, why it was rushed into place, and where millions-of-dollars in missing money might be. The feds have asked state lawmakers to delay their hearing by three months so it doesn’t interfere with the criminal investigation, but Republicans aren’t willing to approve the delay.

Scott Losing Nearly 300 Jobs

(Mascoutah, IL) — Scott Air Force Base is slated to cut nearly 300 jobs over the next several years. Officials say both military and civilian positions are on the chopping block, including some middle management positions. Scott isn’t the only base that’s scaling back. The Air Force plans to cut nearly 35-hundred jobs across the country over the next five years.

Mom Sues DCFS After Daughter Killed

(Chicago, IL) — The DCFS is under fire for allegedly failing to protect an eight-year-old Chicago girl. Giselle Ford was killed back in July of last year. She had cuts, bruises, and burns all over her body and reports indicate that maggots had started coming out of a gash on her forehead. Ford’s grandmother and father are facing murder charges for the death but Giselle’s mom says DCFS should also be held accountable. She’s filed a lawsuit claiming investigators checked on Giselle just weeks before she was killed but they never reported any signs of abuse.

Bank Robber Gets Six Years In Valentine’s Day Heist

(East St. Louis, IL) — A Michigan man is headed to the slammer for six-and-a-half years after robbing a bank, then using the cash to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. Ramsey Fakhouri pleaded guilty to the 2013 Valentine’s Day heist. He had his friend point a gun at a female worker while she was stocking an ATM outside a bank just outside of East St. Louis. The two made off with 26-thousand-dollars. Fakhouri’s girlfriend worked at the bank and was actually inside during the heist, but she had no idea that her man was the mastermind behind it.