Illinois Briefs – 3/14/14

Last Updated on March 14th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

>>Last Day For Early Voting Tomorrow

(Undated) — Tomorrow is the last day to vote early for the primary election. People can head to their county clerk’s office if they want to avoid the lines on Tuesday. Tomorrow is also the last day for grace period registration. Those who missed the registration deadline can get that done in their county clerk’s office as well, but they’ll have to cast a ballot at the same time.

>>Quinn Defends Violence Program

(Chicago, IL) — Governor Quinn is defending his violence program that is now under federal review. He says he dedicated more than 50-million-dollars to fight crime in Chicago back in 2010 because too many kids were being killed, including a 13-year-old kid who was shot 22-times in front of his home. Quinn says he had to step in and do something. But an audit reveals he may have used some of the cash to pay people to walk with him in a parade, just before the 2010 election. And, no money was ever funneled into some of the city’s worst crime infested areas.

>>Lawmakers Consider Alternative GED testing

(Springfield, IL) — Lawmakers want to give the state clearance to shop around for alternate GED tests. They say the price of the current test jumped from 50-bucks to 120 and that’s putting a strain on the people who need to take it most. Counselors at community centers say it might not be a bad idea to add a new test to the mix, but they want to make sure it’ll be approved by employers before the state gives the green light.

>>Cullerton Wants Cost Shift Back On Table

(Chicago, IL) — Senate President John Cullerton wants to put “cost shifts” back on the table. That will force downstate and suburban schools to pay for their own pensions. There was a heated debate over the issue last year as lawmakers tried to revamp the state’s pension systems. Cullerton says the state is on the hook for about three-billion-dollars this year as the “employer” for local teachers. The Illinois Association of School Boards is telling schools a cost shift may be coming.

>>License Plates Mysteriously Disappearing

(Rockford, IL) — License plates are mysteriously disappearing in the Rockford area. Police tell WREX-TV the stolen plates have been used in gas heists around town, but the thieves don’t have a real pattern, so cops can’t exactly pin down what’s going on. Nonetheless, they say if your plate is stolen you should report it immediately.