Illinois Briefs – 3/13/14

Last Updated on March 13th, 2014

Written by Paul Bomleny

>>Rauner Lead Widens, Others To Split Vote

(Springfield, IL)  —  Bruce Rauner is widening his lead in the race to become the Republican nominee for governor.  He’s polling at 46-percent.  The other three candidates will split the other 54-percent of voters, which almost guarantees a win for Rauner.  Some critics are wondering why Bill Brady and Dan Rutherford won’t drop out of the race and pledge their support to Dillard, who’s polling in second place.  That would give him a fighting chance at winning the race and keeping Rauner out of office.  But at this point, Brady and Rutherford both say they’re in it to win it.

>>DOC Facing Lawsuit Over Lockup Policy

(Springfield, IL)  —  The DOC is being sued for a policy that keeps some inmates locked up beyond their parole date.  The lawsuit claims the “turnaround” policy unfairly targets sex offenders.  In fact, more than a-thousand-of the 11-hundred inmates who were turned around last year had been locked up for sex crimes.  A DOC spokesman says they’re kept inside because their potential housing situation is unacceptable and may break state law.  He says the offenders are not allowed to live within 500-feet of a school, park, or daycare so they stay in the system until they can find acceptable housing.

>>Sheen Stumping For Higher Minimum Wage

(Chicago, IL)  —  Governor Quinn is teaming up with actor Martin Sheen in his push to boost the minimum wage.  The two will appear at the St. Pius V Church Hall in Chicago later this morning.  Quinn wants lawmakers to raise the minimum wage from eight-25 to ten-bucks-an-hour.  He says people who are willing to work 40-hours a week shouldn’t have to live in poverty.  The extra buck-75 an hour will add about 70-dollars a week to a worker’s pay, before taxes.

>>Illegal Poaching At Carlyle Lake Under Investigation

(Carlyle, IL)  —  Conservation police are investigating poaching at Carlyle Lake.  They say someone illegally shot and killed more than 30 ducks at the Carlyle Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area last week. Northern pintail ducks and mallards were among those that were killed, several others were crippled in the shooting. Police are asking anyone with information to call the Illinois Target Illinois Poachers hotline at 877-236-7529.

>>Rest Areas To Be Named After Fallen Trooper

(Raymond, IL)  —  A fallen state trooper is being honored today.  State officials will designate a couple rest stops on I-55 after Trooper Kyle Deatherage.  He was killed on the interstate during a traffic stop back in 2012.  The Coalfield stops near mile marker 64 will be named in his honor.

>>Scammers Targeting Netflix Customers

(Udated)  —  Netflix customers are the targets of a new phishing scam.  The Better Business Bureau says thieves are trying to get the subscribers to click on fraudulent webpages.  The fake pages look very much like the Netflix login site, but it’s a setup.  The customer won’t be allowed to login and will be prompted to call a customer service number, then download the “Netflix support software.”   Don’t do it though, the download will give the scammers full access to your computer.